Underwater dog photos take the Internet by storm

Did you hear what people and their dogs are raving about nowadays? Being underwater! Not for an extended time, though. Just long enough for Seth Casteel to snap a photo.

Seth Casteel is a freelance Los Angeles photographer who has proven what everyone has always suspected – that dogs look hilarious underwater!

A few months ago, Casteel finally decided to splurge on a waterproof camera, which made him unable to pay his bills. Little did he know how wise that investment would turn out to be! He decided to make use of his new purchase and took on a personal project where he photographed dogs underwater. “Dogs have wild instincts,” Casteel said. “For me, it’s all about seeing those wild instincts come through underwater. […] Whether it’s silly, whether it’s focused, whether it’s terrifying. You see that underwater.”

On February 9th, after Casteel posted the photos on his Facebook and website, the photos mysteriously appeared on social networking sites like Reddit and quickly became an Internet phenomenon. Casteel became famous overnight – literally.

“I woke up to a bunch of money in my bank account,” Casteel said. His photographs received over 30,000 “likes” on Facebook, and the number of daily visitors on his website shot up from 200 to 100,000. In addition to orders for prints, Casteel said about a thousand people from all over the world contacted him and inquired about private client shoots. He has a bunch of publishing houses fighting for the rights to his upcoming book of underwater dog photos.

Astounded by the amount of attention his work is getting, Casteel hired a licensing and PR firm to handle his business transactions and press requests. Not only is the photographer financially secure now, he’s also excited that the global attention is extended to his non-profit organization, Second Chance Photos (a charity that helps increase adoption rates with better photos by providing photo equipment and technical training for shelter staff). Not only is Casteel a talented photographer, he’s also an animal lover. A few kittens wandered on a movie set he was working on, and he was inspired to snap their photos to help them get adopted into good homes. That opened his heart up to animals, and he started volunteering at West Los Angeles Animal Shelter, then he started Second Chance.

Next time your dog gets the urge to cool off in the pool, you can call Casteel and have him come over for an underwater shoot. You probably won’t mind that the session will cost a whooping $995, because it’ll bring you priceless photos so hilarious you, your family, and friends will be laughing nonstop over the years to come. There is only one thing you have to do, though …

Don’t let your dog see the pictures!

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  1. Aaron and jasmine says:

    Wish I thought of this when I was a photographer back in the day lol

    Good for him tho. The photos are good

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