Top Ten Dog Tumblr Pages


Dog lovers, like cat lovers, have their favorite haunts on the internet that center around their favorite animals.

Cats are particularly popular on the net these days, but dog blogs are just as entertaining for the dog lover and should be more well known.

Tumblr has taken the idea of a blog and amped it up. Good dog blog Tumblrs are entertaining and worth following.

Here are our top ten favorite dog Tumblr blogs today, that you should be following as well.

And if you like more, head over to Tumblr and take a look at all the latest posts that were tagged with dog. You will surely find more interesting blogs there if you explore the tag or related ones.

But now, enjoy our selection first.

Handsome Dogs


This is a great blog where simply put, great photos of all sorts of dogs are posted many times a day. The owner of the Tumblr takes reader submissions and posts them. Most of the dogs featured aren’t the blog originator’s own, as they take submissions. Only the best photos will do.

Dog Blog


This is a cute premise. The author takes photos of dogs tied to things and does his best to come up with a story or caption for each poor, hapless, abandoned dog (this is sarcastic, as it’s clear that each dog in each photo is happy and well cared for).

Dogs and Great Views


Dogs and great views- two very, very good things. This Tumblr is all about dogs in photo frames with amazing views, from around the world.

Dogs looking like people


You can watch any documentary about dog and human relationships and feel like science is finally catching up to what dog lovers already know. Dogs think they are people. Sometimes they do! And in this Tumblr, photos of dogs looking like people confirm this theory.

The Cat Dog Blog


Cats and dogs aren’t usually in the same photo, but when they are, it’s really cute. Here’s a Tumbler for that.

Dog Shaming


Dog Shaming is a new way for owners to vent their frustrations towards the bad behavior of their much loved dogs in a funny, positive way that entices tons of empathy from other dog lovers around the world online. This Tumblr is dedicated to that end. Many of these photos are too funny…

Gossip Dog Blog


If you’re a dog living in San Francisco, you’re game for this blog if you’re lucky. This blog makes dogs seem like local celebrities, and is cute to read. Entertaining for sure.

Big Dog Blog


People love their small dogs, but big dogs are pretty amazing in their own right. This Tumbler showcases big dogs, their lives, and their enormity for all too see.

A blog for dogs


Features interesting dog photos for the most part. Most are pretty funny to look at.

Duke’s dog blog

Finally, a Tumblr that remembers yet another dog that changed someone’s life forever. Rest in peace Duke, you were wonderful.

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