The Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds for 2014

2014 is going to bring some surprises when it comes to what breeds of dogs people are going to be looking for. If we take the years of 2012 and 2013 into account, the trends are pretty clear. The reasons behind these trends are pretty easy to spot once you take a good look at them. Along with the standards, you may be interested in these surprises- especially if you’re considering adding to your family dog pack or starting fresh for the first time with a dog. So, keep and open mind and take a quick look of the top 10 most popular dog breeds for 2014 (in no particular order)!

The Rottweiler


Devoted, great family dogs despite their undeserving reputation, the rotty has definitely gained in popularity the last few years and there are no signs of it stopping. People are learning that Rottweiler’s possess a great deal in working potential and intelligence, making them not only loyal companions, but also useful ones.

The Standard Poodle

People love the smaller toy sized poodle breed and breed mixes because of their cuteness, but also with specialized hair instead of fur making them easier on allergy sufferers. However, in 2014, people are going to continue the trend of preferring the standard size of poodle (the original size by the way). They’re highly trainable, easy to work with, good with families and kids of all ages, work well in apartment living as they’re fairly laid back, and make great useful hunting upland dogs for those who like to hunt. They’re also good retrievers, so even if you don’t hunt they’re very fond of a great game of ball on the beach. And because of their size, you can get rougher and tumble with this not so slight breed.

The Boxer


This great breed has been popular for a very long time for a lot of reasons and they have always had a very loyal following. They’re now finding a great niche in the service industry, being protective yet still loving to be with people, with great eyesight and a need to please.



This little spitfire will have you laughing all the way, deep down in your heart- warming even the grumpiest of grumps. Tenacious little buggers, they’re determined and intelligent.

The Bulldog


author WolvenRose

They’re almost a fashion symbol, but they wouldn’t be that way if they weren’t so cute and easy to live with to start. Very gentle and full of personality, owners of bulldogs tend to be good overall with dogs in terms of teaching dogs where their place is with humans- and you sort of have to be with this jowly strong and silent type.

The German Shepherd Dog

author Bessie

This breed has been a standard favorite for a very, very long time. Extremely intelligent, loyal, loving, and of course a real looker- the German Shepherd Dog is pretty much a perfect package wrapped up in one big loving pointy eared package. That is, if they’re responsibly bred. German Shepherd Dogs do have a reputation that follows them for being nippy, nervous, and scared of strangers. Purchasing or adopting one of these great animals from someone who’s knowledgeable and knows the importance of temperament when it comes to this breed is essential.

The Beagle


You can’t help but fall in love with this braying, floppy eared cutie. Very likely to be the most popular breed of 2014 when it’s all said and done, this family loving outdoor enthusiast is sure to fit in with just about anyone’s life. The beagle is so fun loving that they make great additions to existing dog-filled families.

The Yorkie

author Daryona

author Daryona

This little put in your purse and go pup has been wildly popular for a long time. Along with its gentle love of being toted around like a small human baby, its sweet personality also makes it fit in with the less “doting” of families- as the Yorkie can be remarkably hardy and fun loving too. A cute and easy going little bundle of joy- no wonder most Yorkie owners choose to have more than one in their lives at a time!

The Labrador retriever

author Eugene

The Lab has consistently proven to be a favorite dog breed in many areas of the country, especially in areas where a loving, smart family dog that enjoys harsh weather conditions while hunting and sporting is a must. The Lab is a dog that never quits, and will happily wait quietly and patiently in the pouring cold rain with its owner on duck opener just for the chance of downing a mallard or two. After all, that’s what this hardy breed was born to do! They’re a trusted, reliably intelligent breed that also has made it’s way as the go-to for service programs and law enforcement programs (behind the German Shepherd Dog of course). And of course, when the lab isn’t busy serving or hunting, it’s also an excellent, ideal family dog.

The Golden Retriever

author Stefan Bauer,

author Stefan Bauer,

Arguably one of the most sweet and kind of all breeds, the Goldie is a must have for a family looking for a dog. Loyal, hard working, and of course bred to be beautiful with it’s long and flowing golden coat, this pleaser of a pet is sure to bring many years of happy memories.

2014 is proving to be a year where larger dog breeds take center stage, with of course the few small standards being as popular as ever. With rentals, hotels, businesses, and general public spaces becoming more and more pup friendly, any dog of any size is finding a welcome spot in most families today. There are many, many more breeds of excellent standard that are wonderful to consider, but these ten dogs of 2014 are worth a first look for a reason- their popularity speaks for itself!



  1. Daniele Moseley says:

    you forgot the plain Heinz 57 rescue dogs, but i am sure they all come from mixed breeding from the ones you showed..They are the best of dogs.

  2. Ivana Ignjatovic says:

    And where is a pug ??

  3. Gina Seiler says:

    I have a rottie, and she is fabulous! Great dogs! Great family dogs! It’s ashame that so many believe that they are not good family dogs, when , in fact, they are gentle, loyal, smart, & very loving. I also have a German shepherd , and I always had one as a child. She is so gentle and loving!


    • Stan Carr says:

      Amen! We have 4…2 short-hair, a wire-hair and a long-hair….we think we own them, but it’s the other way around……

  5. Kelly Bryant says:

    Chihuahuas are wonderful and certainly should be on the list…all in the way you train them!

  6. I have a mini Schnauzer and have had them in the past. VERY intelligent, easily trainable, Hypo-allergenic, and SO loyal and loveable!

  7. I love all dogs, but the Cairn Terrier and Great Pyrenees should be there too.

  8. I love dogs. My heart goes out to all the shelter dogs. Please remind friends and family if giving away pets to ask for a rehoming fee. Dog fighters are always on the look out for free pets either for bait or fighters. being aware is the best education.

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