Skechers promotes animal cruelty in their Super Bowl ad

If there was a list of the most adorable things in the world, you bet a dog in shoes would be right near the top of the list. No one could resist a pup sporting sneakers, and Skechers knows this. That’s why the popular shoe company filmed their Super Bowl commercial at a Greyhound racing track. The commercial shows Greyhounds in racing jackets gracefully gliding along the track, only to have a small dog in – get this – Skechers sneakers pass them effortlessly. Pretty cute, huh?

Not really.

Greyhound racing is one of the worst forms of animal abuse. The sport is so horrific that it is illegal in 43 states. Since Greyhounds look glamorous on the track, you’d think that they are being well fed and cared for by their doting owners. Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth. When they are not racing, Greyhounds are confined in warehouse cages so small they could barely stand up or turn around. Each racetrack has about 1,000 dogs crammed away until they’re ready for use. Racing Greyhounds are fed cheap low-quality food that brings on a slew of health-related problems that their trainers conveniently neglect. The trainers believe that racing dogs are only good for a few years – once they’re past their prime or suffer a serious injury, they’re worthless. Some Greyhounds even get killed when they are no longer profitable. GREY2K USA, a nonprofit organization that fights tirelessly to close down Greyhound racing tracks, lists more cruel practices of the sport on their website.

There is no love and care in the Greyhound racing industry, so that’s why many people are outraged that Skechers chose to glorify such an inhumane sport in their Super Bowl commercial, which will be viewed by millions of impressionable people. Animal activists are worried that people who are not aware of the barbaric practices of dog racing will see the Sketchers commercial and think that it’s okay to support the industry.

GREY2K USA wrote to Skechers and asked them to cancel the commercial. Over 93,000 (and counting) people have signed their petition and sent direct emails to the company officials telling them that they would boycott their products unless the ad is pulled. If you also want to take action, you may email the following bigwigs who have the power to change the situation for the better:

Skechers President, Michael Greenburg at

Skechers VP of Media, Gary Martin at

Mark Cuban (owner of the Dallas Mavericks, who is featured in the commercial) at

NBC (the network that’s planning to air the commercial) at

Every vote and email counts. Succeeding in having Skechers pull this Super Bowl ad may be the first step towards ubiquitous respect and equality for the sweet, docile creatures known as Greyhounds.


  1. aaron and jasmine says:

    My cousin has 2 greyhounds Betty and Sally. Everybody loves them, they’re smart and sweet. How could anyone bring themselves to abuse such nice dogs, I can’t understand it. I signed the petition and emailed everyone. Thank you

  2. This is hateful. Taking steps to let Skechers know what I think of them


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