Why You Should Always Adopt a Pet From a Rescue or a No-Kill Shelter

lonely dog in cage

So you’ve decided to adopt a pet. Now what? Find a shelter. There are four different kinds of shelters: Pounds, kill shelters, no-kill shelters, and rescues. Sometimes it’s difficult to decide which type of shelter to adopt a pet. Since pounds and kill shelters are some of the scariest and the most depressing places on earth, it’s only natural for you to want to sweep in and rescue an animal from one of those places. That may not be a {Read More}

8 Tactics for Starting an Animal Rescue

A frightened kitten with green eyes staring out from a cage

Have you ever thought about starting an animal rescue, but scrapped the idea because it seemed like an impossible feat? Well, good news… it is possible! Anyone with enough determination, patience, and direction can start a rescue and save many animals’ lives. While we don’t have the power to instill determination and patience into anyone, we can provide some direction. We want to help any animal lover’s dream turn into a reality (and see an abundance of animal rescues!), so {Read More}

‘Tis the season to help homeless pets

german shepherd and wooden doghuse

With Black Friday right around the corner, we’re starting to think about the holidays and what kind of awesome gifts we’ll buy for our family, friends, and pets. Because everyone is too busy bustling about, shopping for gift wrapping paper, buying Christmas trees and ornaments, and gathering wish lists, we have long forgotten the true meaning of Christmas: to give and share with the less fortunate – underprivileged families, sick children, and homeless animals. Some homeless animals have yet to {Read More}

Celebrate National Pet Adoption Weekend


Quick quiz: What’s cute, fuzzy, snuggly and loves you no matter whether you’ve had your morning coffee or afternoon chocolate? Your pet. Sure, you need to train your pet and feed her and walk her, but the payoffs are well beyond the work you put in. With that said, this weekend (Nov. 12 and 13) is National Pet Adoption Weekend so if you’ve been considering adding a four-legged family member, now’s the time. While there is never a bad time to {Read More}