Best Chicken Breeds for City Backyards


City by city, more metro areas are implementing a friendlier stance on keeping backyard poultry within city limits, usually with fairly extensive regulations but permitting them nonetheless. This stems from an influx of immigrants from countries where keeping chickens, even in the middle of the city, is standard practice. Relying on their backyard flock for eggs, meat, and garden cleanup is an everyday and basic necessity of home life. Another factor for the change has to do with people, even {Read More}

How to take Great Photos of Black Pets

Puppy dog

If you have a black dog or cat, you may have noticed that it’s particularly difficult to take clear photos of them. They seem to turn into flat shadows of themselves in photos; with eyes glaring in laser gold’s and greens from the reflective corneas they have. This has created some fairly hilarious internet memes, but usually pet owners with black pets simply just want a good photo of their dog or cat. It does take some special consideration and {Read More}

Giving Easter Pets is a Bad Idea

easter pets

Many grown people might remember getting that special Easter baby bunny along with their chocolates and eggs on the Easter holiday. Some might have gotten a duckling or two. While there was a time when these gifts were readily accepted parts of the Easter holiday and people were willing to care for them, times have changed. Before you consider getting your little ones a tiny and cute live Easter duckling or bunny, please consider these realities.

Affordable Fencing Ideas for your Pet

pet fences

It’s not always necessary to spend thousands of dollars on a fence around your property that may not even keep your dog in your yard- especially enterprising dogs that are able to dig under, chew their way out of, or even jump over traditional expensive fencing options. There are safe, affordable alternatives to keeping fido from running the neighborhood every time you let him out to use the bathroom in your yard. Here are some affordable fencing ideas for your {Read More}

Finding a Good Home for your Pet Fast- 4 Things to Try

rehoming pets

One of the unfortunate sides to owning a pet for many people is the reality when life gets hard and you can’t care for your pet. Most people happen upon these situations without other choices, and without a lot of time to spare when it comes to finding a new home for your pet, and for yourself. If you’re heading down this road and need to find a new home for your pet that’s not only a good home, but {Read More}

Ten Pet Christmas Treats Gifts They Crave For

dog doghnuts

Pets are part of the family, of course. So, when Christmas rolls around, you want to spoil them just like you would your children, spouse, or significant other. Here are ten amazingly wonderful gift ideas that your dog craves for, perfect for stuffing their stockings this holiday. 1. Gourmet Doughnut Cookies for Dogs Check out these delicious looking doggie donuts! Made to look sinfully sweet, they’re still made out of stuff that’s good for dogs! They probably won’t taste as {Read More}

Pets That Do Double Duty – Practical Pets For Anyone

german shepherd

In the past, animals that lived with people not only offered enjoyment and pleasure, but most often times served a basic purpose. Dogs are one well known example. Dogs were often bred for specific jobs- shepherding dogs were used to keep flocks of sheep together and moving to different areas. Protection dog breeds were bred for just that, and often performed their tasks in times past. Hunting dog breeds were bred for specific game- dachshunds were designed for following game {Read More}

Fantastic Pet Alternatives to the Dog and Cat That You’ve Never Thought Of

pet alternatives

While dogs and cats certainly fit the bill for great pet options to suit any personality or lifestyle, some people may be wondering if there are other pet options out there. We’re not necessarily talking about lizards and snakes. We’re talking about perfectly happy, cuddly, fun loving and easy to care for adorable alternatives to the dog and the cat, which may even suit your lifestyle and personality better (not that there is anything wrong with lizards or snakes). What {Read More}

The FLOP 5 Ingredients in Your Pet’s Food (Five Ingredients you Should Avoid)

small bulldog puppy laying beside large bowl of dog food

It’s true. Pets have been living on the pet food we’ve been offering them for decades, since commercial pet foods became standard fare for the dogs and cats that share our lives with us. The problem is, commercial pet foods have been formulated and designed to suit the owners of pets, not the pets themselves. Pet foods are made to be stored for long periods in containers that don’t need to seal well, in normal room temperatures of our homes. {Read More}

Rehoming your Pet- A No-Guilt Guide to Doing It

rehoming pets

One very stigmatized aspect of pet ownership- knowing the right time to relinquish ownership of your pet, and how to do it. And, when you ask questions regarding how you should safely and responsibly go about this painful decision, you’re looked down upon and seen as irresponsible and unable to stick with a commitment. The reality is, as you know, quite different. You love your pet enough to offer it a better chance at a good life, which for many {Read More}