Is Dog Health and Liability Insurance Right for You?

dog health liability insurance

Today, dogs have fully integrated themselves into the lives and emotions of families and owners so much, that at one point a few years ago, the whole idea of getting your dog insured seemed like a great idea for owners and for the insurance industry. And, to some extent, this has proven pretty true. Many pet owners purchase dog insurance health plans to help offset the cost of possible future expensive treatments, making it possible to afford those kinds of {Read More}

Ten Pet Christmas Treats Gifts They Crave For

dog doghnuts

Pets are part of the family, of course. So, when Christmas rolls around, you want to spoil them just like you would your children, spouse, or significant other. Here are ten amazingly wonderful gift ideas that your dog craves for, perfect for stuffing their stockings this holiday. 1. Gourmet Doughnut Cookies for Dogs Check out these delicious looking doggie donuts! Made to look sinfully sweet, they’re still made out of stuff that’s good for dogs! They probably won’t taste as {Read More}

Top Ten Dog Tumblr Pages


Dog lovers, like cat lovers, have their favorite haunts on the internet that center around their favorite animals. Cats are particularly popular on the net these days, but dog blogs are just as entertaining for the dog lover and should be more well known. Tumblr has taken the idea of a blog and amped it up. Good dog blog Tumblrs are entertaining and worth following. Here are our top ten favorite dog Tumblr blogs today, that you should be following {Read More}

Dog 101- What you Need Before you Get a Dog

dog 101

Bringing home a dog or puppy is an exciting time in anyone’s life, a time that also requires that you’re very prepared. Your home, your family, and most importantly your dog, will need certain tools and equipment that help not only make the new transition easier on everyone, but will also help you quelch or solve simple problems easily and without a lot of drama. Here are the bare essentials of what you’ll need before you get a dog or {Read More}

Top 11 TV Shows with Dogs in Them

dog tv shows

Whether we’re kids or adults, great TV is hard to come by. TV with great dogs is even harder to come by. As rare as they are, there are many gems out there that you should be watching, especially if you’ve got wonderful Netflix or Hulu. If you do not, you can still get your hands on TV shows on sites such as Amazon or eBay. Whether meant for children or for everyone, here are a few, or the top {Read More}

How to Keep your Dog Safe While Traveling

car seat for dogs

With the holidays coming up, lots of families will be traveling with their dogs. Unrestrained dogs, experts say, are extremely dangerous in a moving vehicle. They’re dangerous because they’re distracting. They not only move about the vehicle causing chaos, they also sit on laps, sometimes impairing the view of the road for the driver. Some dogs hang their heads and bodies so far out of the window they endanger themselves, risking their heads and bodies to impact by passing objects. {Read More}

Natural Remedies for Common Dog Issues

natural remedies

Alternative treatments for common ailments of our pets have really taken hold in an effort to find better ways to combat common annoyances with healthier remedies. Every dog owner should make themselves aware of naturally derived and safe solutions for common dog issues as a method of first attack when treating everyday problems. It’s bad enough watching your sick pet suffer- but it’s even worse having to take your poor suffering pet to the veterinarian. Skip the drama and treat {Read More}

Diabetic Dog Food

diabetic dog food

Diabetes is a disease that’s not exclusive to humans. Our pets can suffer from this same disease, and like people, medical treatment and lifestyle changes are needed in order to manage it properly. There are some things you should know and watch for if you think your pet is diabetic, and a big part of diabetic treatment in pets revolves around the very food you offer them.  However, you should consult a veterinarian if you think your pet has diabetes {Read More}

The Truth about Designer Breeds of Dogs


“Designer” breeds of dogs are dogs bred from different stable, old time breeds of dogs in an effort to gain desirable traits of both breeds in a new dog. You may be familiar with dog breeds such as labradoodles, or maltipoos. These are examples of designer breeds that are created to fulfill the desires of dog owners for a dog with a great personality or a certain look, with the hypoallergenic qualities that poodles have. The effort is understandable- dogs {Read More}

Dog Food Allergies

dog allergies

Just like people, dogs naturally have or over time develop allergies to ingredients in the food that they eat. In people, these allergies are commonly caused by foods such as tree nuts, shellfish, strawberries, peanuts, grains, and dairy products. Some reactions are characterized by annoying rashes. Some reactions cause anaphylaxis which if not immediately and aggressively treated can cause death. In dogs, most allergic reactions aren’t as serious, but they can cause serious side effects and digestive problems if left {Read More}