Wolf Hybrids- Are Wolfdogs the Right Dog for You?


You may have been hearing a lot about “wolf hybrid” dogs, or wolfdogs lately. They’ve been around for a long time, but have recently come into light as a more accepted and highly sought after breed of dog. Wolfdogs are commonly hybridized offspring of wolf and breeds such as huskies, German shepherd dogs, Alaskan malamutes, and even poodles. There are even specific breeds of wolfdog bred in for a purpose- such as the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, which is recognized by the {Read More}

Affordable Fencing Ideas for your Pet

pet fences

It’s not always necessary to spend thousands of dollars on a fence around your property that may not even keep your dog in your yard- especially enterprising dogs that are able to dig under, chew their way out of, or even jump over traditional expensive fencing options. There are safe, affordable alternatives to keeping fido from running the neighborhood every time you let him out to use the bathroom in your yard. Here are some affordable fencing ideas for your {Read More}

Top Ten Cat Breeds of 2014

siamese cat

Let’s face it, most kitties loved in families don’t have documented lineages. Many much loved kitties are born in litters found under porches or in garages, or born in a cow milking barn. Some lucky kitties have mothers taken in before they’re born and get to be brought into this world in the comfort of a warm and loving home until they’re old enough to find homes of their own. With the plethora of easy to get and even easier {Read More}

The Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds for 2014

author Stefan Bauer, http://www.ferras.at/

2014 is going to bring some surprises when it comes to what breeds of dogs people are going to be looking for. If we take the years of 2012 and 2013 into account, the trends are pretty clear. The reasons behind these trends are pretty easy to spot once you take a good look at them. Along with the standards, you may be interested in these surprises- especially if you’re considering adding to your family dog pack or starting fresh {Read More}

5 Habits of Pet Owners Who Have Fat Pets

pet food guide

Before we begin, we have to admit that this topic might be controversial. No one wants to ever admit that they, let alone themselves, are overweight due to their own actions and habits. It’s an embarrassing topic that puts a lot of blame and a lot of shame on  pet owners. But, most pet owners are in denial about their pet’s weight, and rarely consider it a problem until their pet suffers from a weight related condition or dies early {Read More}

Finding a Good Home for your Pet Fast- 4 Things to Try

rehoming pets

One of the unfortunate sides to owning a pet for many people is the reality when life gets hard and you can’t care for your pet. Most people happen upon these situations without other choices, and without a lot of time to spare when it comes to finding a new home for your pet, and for yourself. If you’re heading down this road and need to find a new home for your pet that’s not only a good home, but {Read More}

Is Dog Health and Liability Insurance Right for You?

dog health liability insurance

Today, dogs have fully integrated themselves into the lives and emotions of families and owners so much, that at one point a few years ago, the whole idea of getting your dog insured seemed like a great idea for owners and for the insurance industry. And, to some extent, this has proven pretty true. Many pet owners purchase dog insurance health plans to help offset the cost of possible future expensive treatments, making it possible to afford those kinds of {Read More}

Ten Pet Christmas Treats Gifts They Crave For

dog doghnuts

Pets are part of the family, of course. So, when Christmas rolls around, you want to spoil them just like you would your children, spouse, or significant other. Here are ten amazingly wonderful gift ideas that your dog craves for, perfect for stuffing their stockings this holiday. 1. Gourmet Doughnut Cookies for Dogs Check out these delicious looking doggie donuts! Made to look sinfully sweet, they’re still made out of stuff that’s good for dogs! They probably won’t taste as {Read More}

Top Ten Dog Tumblr Pages


Dog lovers, like cat lovers, have their favorite haunts on the internet that center around their favorite animals. Cats are particularly popular on the net these days, but dog blogs are just as entertaining for the dog lover and should be more well known. Tumblr has taken the idea of a blog and amped it up. Good dog blog Tumblrs are entertaining and worth following. Here are our top ten favorite dog Tumblr blogs today, that you should be following {Read More}

Dog 101- What you Need Before you Get a Dog

dog 101

Bringing home a dog or puppy is an exciting time in anyone’s life, a time that also requires that you’re very prepared. Your home, your family, and most importantly your dog, will need certain tools and equipment that help not only make the new transition easier on everyone, but will also help you quelch or solve simple problems easily and without a lot of drama. Here are the bare essentials of what you’ll need before you get a dog or {Read More}