Natural Remedies for Common Dog Issues

natural remediesAlternative treatments for common ailments of our pets have really taken hold in an effort to find better ways to combat common annoyances with healthier remedies. Every dog owner should make themselves aware of naturally derived and safe solutions for common dog issues as a method of first attack when treating everyday problems. It’s bad enough watching your sick pet suffer- but it’s even worse having to take your poor suffering pet to the veterinarian. Skip the drama and treat your pet naturally at home! Here are some suggestions that work well on common, every day dog issues.


A product called diatomaceous earth can be used in a myriad of applications that benefit your dog and can not only treat existing insect infestations, but can also prevent future problems. Use food grade DE around pets and family as a direct treatment on your dog to kill fleas. You can spread it in your yard to prevent your dog from picking up fleas from outside. DE can also prevent intestinal worm parasite infections by killing them in the feces and dirt that they live in that your dog has access to.

You can also repel fleas in dogs by regularly feeding your dog fresh garlic. To make the garlic oil get into the skin faster, bathe your dog in the morning really well, then feed your dog garlic right afterwards. As the dog’s body works to re-oil the fur, the garlic will infuse faster into the skin.

Any soap will kill fleas, so bathing your dog well with any dog shampoo, then combing your dog out with a flea comb will do a great job getting rid of fleas. No need for special medicated shampoos or dips!

Use a spritz to help repel and kill fleas in between baths. Here’s a great recipe:

Dog Flea Spritz
(makes 8 oz, store in dark bottle, shake well before use).
1 tsp vegetable glycerin
1/2 oz grain alcohol or vodka
1 tsp sulfated castor oil
10 drops grapefruit seed extract
7 oz distilled or spring water
4 drops Clary Sage essential oil
1 drop Citronella essential oil
7 drops Peppermint essential oil
3 drops Lemon essential oil

And of course, a healthy dog repels fleas best. Make sure your dog is in good health, and feed your dog a good, balanced diet of high-quality foods and treats.

Itchy Skin:

For a lot of dog owners, this is a constant problem that if left untreated, can get really serious. A dog will itch, lick, and nibble hot spots and sore areas until they bleed. To stop this from happening, try these natural remedies:

Your dog itch could be caused by simple, dry skin. Some dogs are naturally oilier than others, and dogs that don’t produce a lot of skin oil tend to get dry, itchy skin (much like people!). Replenish dry skin from the inside by feeding your dog a diet high in good oils, like fish oil. You can spot treat on the outside with coconut oil as well.

Use a dog shampoo that’s got a lot of tea tree oil in it, which will kill skin fungal infections and help soothe dry skin at the same time.

If your dog is a dog with a lot of allergies, try to isolate what those allergies could be and avoid contact with those substances. Common items that cause allergic skin reactions in dogs includes grass, flea and tick bites, and grains commonly found in commercial dry dog foods. Tests done by your vet can help isolate the cause.

Itchy Ears:

If a dog has itchy, bothersome ears, the dog really suffers. And, if a dog is left with itchy ears for too long, the itching a dog does to its ears can cause really bad damage, even permanent damage. Treating itchy ears could be a very simple task and could be done at home- but if you’re in any doubt, it’s best to take your dog to the vet for itchy ears. Here are some common ways to help treat or alleviate the itchy ear problem in dogs:

If your dog has black spots in it’s ears, the itching could be due to ear mites. Ear mites can be effectively treated by rubbing inside of the ears with veggie oil and letting it sit for a few minutes in the ear. Afterwards, clean out the ears with a solution made from equal parts white vinegar and water, and wipe with a cotton ball or wash cloth. Then, re-wipe the ears with veggie oil and leave it alone. Do this daily until the black spots are gone.

For smelly, cheesy ears, clean the ears out daily with a washcloth and hydrogen peroxide. After you remove all of the seepage, clean out with rubbing alcohol to dry out the ear. If your dog has chronically messy ears with bad smells, you should consider bringing your dog to the vet.

Stiff Joints:

If you’ve got an active or older dog, they may walk around with a stiff gait, especially if they’ve just gotten up from sleeping. There are some ways to help stop the stiffness and ease the pain of aging joints in dogs.

Give your dog a low-dose aspirin for pain. You can get these over the counter, or a vet may sell you the same kind of aspirin in the same dose, especially for dogs. They both cost the same.

Fish oil is just as good for joints as it is for skin. Try adding some to each of your dog’s meals.

If your dog is older, encourage your dog to back off of the physical exercise if you can. You may need to start considering shortening your walks or going from daily runs to daily walks instead.

There are many other home remedies and natural treatments for common, painful, and annoying ailments in your dog. If ever in doubt, it’s always best to consult a professional, but often times you simply don’t need to. Natural remedies for common dog issues are all you may need.

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