Featured Friday: Cat vs. Human


What is it like to live with cats? Yasmine Surovec will tell you. Rather, she will show you with her drawings. You know what they say about a picture being worth a thousand words. The famous quote really applies to Yasmine’s comic strip, which illustrates the funny, irritating, adorable, and just downright quirky sides of owning cats. The comic strip is featured on her blog, Cat vs. Human. Have you ever wondered why your cat nonchalantly jumped on your lap {Read More}

Featured Friday: The World’s Most Stunning Cat


Before we bask in the awesomeness of this week’s featured blog, let’s sing a little song: Now, this is a story about a feral cat And how she survived combat. Take a minute, sit right there, and let us begin The story of how she became the princess of Weehawken. In the ghetto streets of New York born and raised, Communipaw Avenue is where she spent most of her days Chillin’ out, meowin’, relaxing all cool, And all laughin’ at {Read More}

Featured Friday: Animal Shelter Volunteer Life


We have a very special blog to share with you. You know how in the pet blogosphere, most (if not all) of the blogs feature one, two, or even five pets? Their mommies and daddies love them so much that they want to show them off to the whole world. The four-legged bloggers in the pet blogosphere are some of the luckiest pets ever, because not only do they get heaps of love of attention from their loved ones, hundreds {Read More}

Featured Friday: Kea’s Fuzzy Tales


Once upon a time, a very wise German/French theologian named Albert Schweitzer said, “There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life; music and cats.” Cats like Nicki and Derry prove that Schweitzer was spot on. Even though the feline brothers are polar opposites – Nicki being aggressive and territorial, and Derry being shy and timid – they both love and adore their doting human mom, Kim. It’s no surprise, given how kind, funny, and passionate Kim is. {Read More}

Featured Friday: My Himalayan Cat Goma


Somebody call Guinness World Records! We might have found a cat who has held the most jobs in history! We don’t mean obligatory cat jobs like patrolling the neighborhood through the window, giving humans baths, or taste testing cat food. We’re talking big jobs. Real human jobs. Try governor. Yep, you read it right. Goma the Himalayan cat has tried his paw at being a governor, a police officer, a doctor, an inventor, and a Japanese teacher. We should ask {Read More}

Featured Friday: KC and the Sherwood Bunch


Benjamin Franklin once said, “Diligence is the mother of good luck.” While that is true, we think that a group of seven cats bring extra good luck! Where can we find seven cats, you ask? We know just the place! Look no further than Houston, Texas, where KC and the Sherwood Bunch hang out, host contests, and sport hats so well that they make Dr. Seuss’s Cat in the Hat look like an amateur! It all started back in May {Read More}

Featured Friday: Psycho Kitty


One, two… Psycho Kitty’s coming for you. Three, four… Better lock the kitty door. Five, six… Get your catnip fix. Seven, eight… Better stay up late. Nine, ten… Never sleep again… Once you open Psycho Kitty’s blog. It’s so engaging you’ll never want to sleep again. Trust us on this. If you’re not ready to open the blog in fear of being pulled into the world of Psycho Kitty, don’t worry! We’re here to report on his awesomeness so you {Read More}

Featured Friday: Nip and Bones


When we think of a villain, most of us would picture a sinister-looking man sitting in a fancy executive chair, devising an evil plan while petting a cat slowly and deliberately. In such a scenario, the cat is just an accessory, much like the fancy executive chair. It’s a shame the villain has to occupy the chair instead of the cat, considering how comfortable these things look. Well, we know a very lucky cat with her very own executive chair! {Read More}

Featured Friday: The Ginger Brothers


Featured Friday: The Ginger Brothers What’s orange, white, and the envy of many cats everywhere? Eric and Flynn, the ginger brothers from across the pond! Situated in the quaint sea town of Plymouth, UK, the handsome mancats lead such interesting lives, and they’re not shy to brag about it on their blog, Eric and Flynn’s Adventures. Obviously they take after their jet-setting mom and dad, who have traveled to Rome, Fort Lauderdale, the Virgin Islands, and many other places. (They {Read More}

Featured Friday: Three cats, one dog, and Alasandra


Did you know that flowers naturally bring out positive feelings and create a more welcome, sharing atmosphere? It very much explains the warm, fuzzy feeling we get every time we visit Alasandra, the cats, and a dog. The blog is administered by three cats named Artemisia, Socks, and Scylla, and an adorable dog named Fenris. Their beautiful photos and eloquently written posts prove that all four of them are living in high society. Not only do they get to hang {Read More}