Featured Friday: The World’s Most Stunning Cat

Before we bask in the awesomeness of this week’s featured blog, let’s sing a little song:

Now, this is a story about a feral cat
And how she survived combat.
Take a minute, sit right there, and let us begin
The story of how she became the princess of Weehawken.

In the ghetto streets of New York born and raised,
Communipaw Avenue is where she spent most of her days
Chillin’ out, meowin’, relaxing all cool,
And all laughin’ at dogs who drooled,
When a couple of peeps who were up to no good
Started making trouble in her ‘hood.
She got caught n’ brought to Jersey,
And she stayed in a place called Liberty,
Where she did hard time day after day,
Until they sent her on her way.
They gave her a kiss and then they gave her a ticket.
She retracted her claws and said, “I might as well lick it.”
Hangin’ out in Hillsborough,
She was released n’ transferred to a condo,
And came face-to-face with TW n’ Pop.

They gave her plenty o’ love, chow, and aqua,
And named her Cathy Keisha.
The feral wondered, “Is this what the people of Weehawken livin’ like?
Hmm, this might be allright.”
She looked at her kingdom, where she was finally with her kin,
And sat on her throne as the princess of Weehawken.

Keisha has made the New Jersey town her new home, and she loves it there. She has become accustomed to the good life and became a witty rapper/movie star/artist with a serious ‘tude (like they say, you can take a cat out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the cat). Oh, and she’s the world’s most stunning cat. Just look at that face, people!

Luckily for us, she’s kind enough to grace us with her brilliance through her blog, called Stunning Keisha: The World’s Most Stunning Cat. Her mom, whom she has dubbed The Woman (TW for short), set up the blog for her in 2009 after coming across a cat named Sockington, who had 2 million Twitter followers. She figured that if Sockington could become an Internet celebrity, her awesome fresh princess could, too. Boy, did Keisha become one! Her successful (and hilarious, and cute, and crazy…) blog gave her many opportunities to shine; she raps to help raise money for animal causes online and is one of the 12 stars in Real Housecats of the Blogosphere, a new YouTube show TW helped create.

Keisha describes herself as a leader, not a follower. She’s also the most innocent cat in the world! Last month, she released the BREAKING NEWS that someone mauled Pop’s foot! She adamantly maintained her innocence, and even threatened to hire a lawyer! We think her nemesis HHGUTT did it, because he looks guilty in the lineup! (Second cat to the left). Keisha would certainly agree with us!

If Twitter’s your thing, you can follow Keisha here @CathyKeisha. She always has something up her fur – we can’t wait to see what she does next!

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  1. Thank you for writing about this stunning ghetto cat. I’m honored and touched. I had a hard life before I adopted these peeps.

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