Featured Friday: The Ginger Brothers

Featured Friday: The Ginger Brothers

What’s orange, white, and the envy of many cats everywhere? Eric and Flynn, the ginger brothers from across the pond!

Situated in the quaint sea town of Plymouth, UK, the handsome mancats lead such interesting lives, and they’re not shy to brag about it on their blog, Eric and Flynn’s Adventures. Obviously they take after their jet-setting mom and dad, who have traveled to Rome, Fort Lauderdale, the Virgin Islands, and many other places. (They look like such fun, high-spirited people!) Of course, Eric and Flynn prefer to stay closer to home, but they’re avid travelers nonetheless. They enjoy roaming, climbing trees, catching mice, sunbathing, and pouncing on each other in the fields near their home.

Eric and Flynn are so adventurous that they even manage to have fun inside the house. Flynn has two cat trees strategically placed so that he can multitask. He is able to monitor the humans’ food (which he believes are actually his), spy on the squirrels through the window, take a nap, and receive tummy tickles, all while staying on his tree-throne! In the rare occasion that he leaves his tree-throne unoccupied, Flynn joins Eric in training for the Cat-o-lympics. Let’s hope they bring home the gold medal in 2014!

A few weeks ago, Flynn showed us how he’s much more tech-savvy than his mom and dad. The mischievous mancat managed to confuse his poor mum by enlarging the icons on her new laptop. At least Eric makes up for his brother’s naughty behavior by being the perfect model for his mum whenever she takes out the flashy box. Look at that sweet face! I think we’ve discovered the next Cat Fancy model!

When the ginger brothers aren’t exploring, training, or modeling, they purr and pray for their furry friends in the pet blogosphere. Not only are they members of many clubs like the Kool Seniors Kitty Klub, Good Kitty Club, Island Cats Club, the M-Cats Club, and The Gorgeous Gingers, they’ve received a lot of awards. Despite their impressive credentials, Eric and Flynn remain sweet and humble.

If you ever visit Plymouth, be sure to give the ginger brothers a tummy rub!


  1. Thank you so much for doing such a great feature on us. We have never visited before, but we will make sure we come back.

  2. That is one terrific review of Eric and Flynn. They are two of our favorite cats on the blogosphere. We love visiting their blog and hearing about all their adventures. That was very nice of you to do that. Take care and have a great week end.

  3. This is a great post on Eric and Flynn, two great kitties and their humans. We love their blog.

  4. Eric and Flynn (along with their wonderful humans) are long time blogging friends of ours … they always tell fun tales, have fab photos, and do interesting things!
    This was a great story about them, thanks for sharing.

  5. Eric and Flynn are two of our best furiends! You’re right! We are envious of their adventures…’specially in the fields they roam! Thanks for sharing their story with everybuddy!

    (You really do have a knack for great story-telling!!)

  6. Eric and Flynn are two of our favorites, it’s nice to see them featured here!

  7. We love Eric and Flynn. They are very cool ManCats!!

    The Florida Furkids

  8. Eric and Flynn are our good furriends! We are envious of them because they get to go outside and have great adventures which we love reading about!.

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