Featured Friday: Nip and Bones

When we think of a villain, most of us would picture a sinister-looking man sitting in a fancy executive chair, devising an evil plan while petting a cat slowly and deliberately. In such a scenario, the cat is just an accessory, much like the fancy executive chair. It’s a shame the villain has to occupy the chair instead of the cat, considering how comfortable these things look.

Well, we know a very lucky cat with her very own executive chair! Her name is Baby Patches. Her chair isn’t just something for her to sleep in. Rather, it’s actually where she makes executive decisions about her online store, Nip and Bones.

Just when you think you’ve seen and heard everything, a cat entrepreneur comes along!

Evidently, Baby Patches and her momma are excellent business owners. Nip and Bones is a smashing success, which isn’t a surprise given all the neat stuff they sell, such as cabins for cats and pajamas for dogs. Baby Patches’ blog, Confessions of the Plume has us hooked. Our will is not our own as we click page after page to see adorable pictures of the furry little entrepreneur and her hilarious anecdotes.

Baby Patches is one of the most pleasant cats we’ve ever met. Born in 2008, Baby Patches has a loving momma and daddy and two cat siblings named Lucky and LociLu. She has a distinctive feature – a fluffy, feathered tail her momma and daddy have dubbed the plume.

Not only is she extremely nice, Baby Patches is also generous enough to share space on her blog with her furriends and strangers on the Internet. Every week, she hosts pet blog hops, which is a collection of thumbnails and links to other pet blogs. Her list from last week has 80 links! Wowzee! If you’re bored and want to meet new furriends, you know where to go.

Baby Patches knows her way around the ‘net. She has a Twitter,Facebook, and a YouTube channel. Be sure to check her out! You will be able to snag some great deals on her products and you just might start saying one of her catchphrases like “Happy Caturday”, “pawsome”, and “MOL”!


  1. We love Baby Patches and Nip and Bones!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  2. Purrsonally, we think Baby Patches is the real brains behind Nip and Bones! :) We love Nip and Bones!! Thanks for featuring them today!!

  3. Thanks for letting readers know we furries are the brains behind our humans. Yep, Baby Patches is the real boss of Nip and Bones. :)

  4. Ohhh! We love Baby Patches and her momma’s shop!

  5. OMC! Me and momma just read this last night…*blushing*, thanks you so much for this pawsome post about me and our shop. It is so furry nice of you! We hope to gets to know you better.


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