Featured Friday: My Himalayan Cat Goma

Somebody call Guinness World Records!

We might have found a cat who has held the most jobs in history! We don’t mean obligatory cat jobs like patrolling the neighborhood through the window, giving humans baths, or taste testing cat food. We’re talking big jobs. Real human jobs. Try governor.

Yep, you read it right. Goma the Himalayan cat has tried his paw at being a governor, a police officer, a doctor, an inventor, and a Japanese teacher. We should ask him where he earned his college degree, because we want one that would land us all these jobs! We’re not sure if Goma would tell us, because he’s a cat of very few words. We rarely hear him say anything other than “yup”, “oh snap”, and “paws up!”

Luckily for us, his owner, Sachie Tani, has agreed to be his spokeswoman. A graphic designer who once almost became a professional ballet dancer, Sachie documents her cat’s every day activities on her blog, My Himalayan Cat Goma, which features catoons (not a typo – coined by Sachie, catoons are Goya-oriented comics illustrated by none other but Sachie), a Goma calendar, and giveaways. The blog is all about Goma (and his adorable little cat brother, Kuma), and we’re eating up every minute of it! Just look at this video:

It’s impossible not to love these cats! Can you believe that Goma was the runt of the litter?!

You know how most cat owners would adamantly shake their heads and say, “Me, crazy cat lady [or man]? No way, nope. I’m totally normal.” Not in a million years would Sachie say such a thing! She has proudly dubbed herself as “the world’s craziest cat lady”, who’s 100 times crazier than a typical cat lady! This means she’s a few notches higher on the Cat Loving Scale than Amy Sedaris’s character on My Name is Earl, and that’s saying a lot!

Don’t get us wrong – we love crazy cat ladies! They make the world go ‘round with their amazing, loving personalities and their great determination to make life easier for felines everywhere.

You can find Sachie and her famous Himalayan cat on Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest. Dang, not only does that cat have an impressive resume, he also has a strong online presence!

Who loves Goma? Paws up!


  1. Yes, the adorable Goma and his brother Kuma. They do get around. :)

  2. We love Goma & Kuma so much.
    There’s always sumfing interesting going on over there at their house.
    Mine Mom ML still remembers tha kitty-shaped lipsticks!
    Love & Purrs,
    KC & The Sherwood Bunch

  3. Longtime GOMA fans here and so glad that KUMA is now part of the famous family! Long may they tickle that pickle! ;)

  4. We LOVE Goma! Goma was one of our sister-before-us, Sweet Praline’s boyfriends. We think Goma is gorgeous! Thank you for featuring him.

    Truffle and Brulee

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