Featured Friday: Kea’s Fuzzy Tales

Once upon a time, a very wise German/French theologian named Albert Schweitzer said, “There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life; music and cats.”

Cats like Nicki and Derry prove that Schweitzer was spot on. Even though the feline brothers are polar opposites – Nicki being aggressive and territorial, and Derry being shy and timid – they both love and adore their doting human mom, Kim. It’s no surprise, given how kind, funny, and passionate Kim is. Who could not like her?!

Kim and her mancats live in a townhouse in Ontario, Canada. Nicki and Derry maintain a blog called Kea’s Fuzzy Tales, where they share their daily drama and adorable pictures with everyone in the pet blogosphere. Sometimes Kim throws in posts about herself, the latest one being about her Shelter Donation Project. In the beginning of this year, she took on a project where she plans to knit one kitty blanket per week and spend $10 per month on kitty necessities for homeless cats. If she keeps it up, at the end of the year, she’ll have donated 52 kitty blankets and $120 in cat food, kitty litter, and/or toys! Last January, she donated 6 pet blankets, 1 tunnel, and 1 scratcher. Way to go, Kim! More people should follow her example.

When Kim is not working, focusing on her project, or playing with Nicki and Derry, she is feeding a homeless cat in the area she has dubbed Toby. Nicki and Derry admitted in their blog, “We don’t like that our human pays attention to him, of course, but she keeps telling us that not every kitty is as lucky as we are to have a good home.” What sweet cats! Last May, Kim and a few other bloggers chipped in to have Toby neutered.

Let’s take a look at the latest drama in the world of Nicki and Derry. Last January, their next-door neighbors and their 2 big, scary dogs moved out, and in came a family with 2 loud, screaming kids. “At any rate,” the mancats say, “our own human says it’s better than having neglected and bored talk bark for 8 to 10 hours a day.” At least the children wouldn’t try to fight with Nicki!

Winter was really warm for everyone, especially in Canada. However, they got six feet of snow (okay, maybe they were exaggerating a little bit) last January. The mancats bragged about how brave they were for stepping paw on such a scary thing on January 16th.

When Kim, Nicki, and Derry aren’t finding pleasure in little things, they’re reminiscing about Annie and Chumley.

Chumley was Kim’s first cat. He was found abandoned, dirty, and matted when he was just a few years old, and Kim adopted him in April 2001, and he passed away from a blood clot on January 24, 2007. Chumley helped Kim through a lot, such as a bad break-up and depression. ““[Chumley] kept me going,” said Kim. “He gave me a reason to live, he gave me comfort, and he gave me joy.”

Annie was a Mama’s girl. She was the only female cat in the household, so she and Kim had a very special bond. She passed away on February 16, 2011. She always comforted Kim when she was sad, so when she died, Kim vowed to get through the grief, because it would’ve meant a lot to the beautiful cat. In a letter to Annie on the one-year anniversary of her passing, Kim wrote, ““I miss how, when Nicki would do something totally foolish and boyish and wild, we would turn and look at each other, in complete accord, female to female, no words in any language needed.”

Thank goodness for Nicki and Derry! Not only do their silliness and daily antics keep Kim happy, they constantly entertain and captivate the rest of us in the pet blogosphere! They are two truly fantastic cats we’ve had the pleasure of knowing online.

A link to their blog: Kea’s Fuzzy Tales


  1. What a wonderful post on such wonderful kitties and their human.

  2. We love Nicki and Derry, it’s nice to see them featured here!

  3. Good heavens! We saw the blurb on the CB today that we were featured here and were floored, totally taken aback.

    You make us sound much more interesting than we really are–so says our human. LOL.

    Thank you kindly for the write-up!

  4. Kim is one of our many good friends. She is a terrific gal and is very motivated to help homeless kitties which is our big deal too. We sure do applaud her for making those blankets for the shelters. That is such a terrific thing to do. Great post and great person with two great cats.

  5. Thank you for posting about our pals at Fuzzy Tails! We love Nicki and Derry, and Mom Kim, too. The boys never disappoint with their antics, and their mom is a wonderful person and a terrific friend. :)

  6. Old Kitty says:

    Awwwwww me and my cat Charlie ADORE mum Kim and her beautiful boys Derry and Nicki!! We love Fuzzy Tales!! Kim is not only passionate about all furrbabies, she is a most talented photographer and takes the most wonderful pics too!!

    Yay! Take care

  7. So glad to read this on Kim and her handsome duo, Nicki and Derry. We so enjoy their blog!

  8. Oh! Me LOVES Nicky and Derry! Particularly their Wrassling matches! And being a godd Canadian Kitty – me KNOWS we had a zillion feet of snow this winter.

  9. What a nice surprise for Nicki and Derry and Mom Kim to be featured! They are great kitties and their mom is always thinking of others whether they are four or two-legged! We think they truly deserved the recognition for their fun posts and kind hearts.

    Tom, Mom Julie & Mittens

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