Featured Friday: Daisy the Curly Cat

Princess (prin-SES) noun: A precious little girl who rises above the others with her amazing personality. Knows how to win people over with her sweet demeanor. Often likes attention and the color pink. Daisy the curly cat.

Daisy is not like other princesses. She plays with lizards (and names them, no less!), fights with her brother Harley, and chew on things. Oh, and she’s a cat.

An amazingly articulate Dilute Calico Devon Rex, Daisy resides in Parkland, Florida with her Mommie and cat-brother, Harley. She gives us a glimpse into her exciting world via her blog, Daisy the Curly Cat.

The first thing we noticed about Daisy was her stunning yellowish-greenish eyes. Next, we oohed and ahhed over her adorably large ears and hilarious facial expressions. She is quite a beautiful character! No wonder everyone in the cat blogosphere is smitten with her!

Her brother, Harley, is just as captivating. Rather than batting his eyes sweetly to entice us, he takes on a whole new strategy: making us laugh. Oh boy, does he make us laugh! He has no problem hamming it up for the camera whenever he’s caught doing something absurd. Let’s take a look at his most recent shenanigans: The Handy Rainhat!

While Harley is the household clown, Daisy sometimes gives a shot at delivering slapstick comedy to us. Almost four years ago, she tried to set a fashion trend! The tube socks haven’t caught on yet, but we’re pretty sure that, if Daisy went out and marketed these things around the scratching post, they’ll sell like hotcakes. She’s just that cute!

While Daisy and Harley don’t always get along, they still play nice often enough to produce a lot of witty, hilarious banters. Luckily for us, their Mommie is always there to record their exchanges for us. Here’s one of our favorites: Waiting and hoping for some TREATS! If you ask us, their Monday Funnies are probably some of the best comic strips to exist on the Internet. Maybe Daisy and Harley should think about contacting their local newspaper to see if they can get their very own comic strip!

As much as they don’t want to admit it, Daisy and Harley make a great cat duo, like Batman and Robin. The thing is, who’s Batman here? It seems like Daisy always has the upper paw, so… Harley, we hope you look good in red!

If you want a daily fix of Daisy and Harley, you can follow them on Twitter or add them on Facebook.

We’ll finish this post with an oldie but a goodie — a little Daisy game: Can you find the differences?


  1. WHOA! You made my day! My curly little heart is almost bursting with happiness to read such a kind article about me. Thank you ever so much!!!!

    ps: Harley is the sidekick. Definitely.

  2. We love Daisy!! Oh and Harley too!!

  3. Ah, yes, the pawsome duo, Daisy and Harley. What a pair. We love their blog.

  4. Yup Daisy and Harley are the best. We really enjoy their blog every day. It always makes us laugh.

  5. Thank you for this post about our pals Daisy and Harley. We love them!

  6. I fink, fanks to Jan’s Funny Farmers, I finally got tha linkie to this on the CB. I’s leafing it up on Monday so effurryone can hopefully visit wif tha right linkie. Sheesh, someday, I just don’t know. I think thumbs might help!
    But this is a brilliant artickle on Daisy and Harley. They are two of the CB’s most favorite-ist cats effurr.
    Love what you wrote, furry accurate.
    Love & Purrs,

  7. Oh this is a wonderful post!! Daisy is our furiend and we love her and Harley!! And we LOVE their Monday Funnies they always make our Monday Special!!
    Your TX furiends,

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