Featured Friday: Animal Shelter Volunteer Life

We have a very special blog to share with you.

You know how in the pet blogosphere, most (if not all) of the blogs feature one, two, or even five pets? Their mommies and daddies love them so much that they want to show them off to the whole world. The four-legged bloggers in the pet blogosphere are some of the luckiest pets ever, because not only do they get heaps of love of attention from their loved ones, hundreds of people from the Internet adore them as well!

Well, the blog we’re about to show you is a little different. It doesn’t have a star pet. In fact, there are no pets. You see, all the cats featured on this blog are homeless and waiting for their forever homes. Every cat longs for the day when a human falls in love with her and takes her home, where she can start her very, very, very first blog showing off her own cleverness, funny antics, and cute poses. As for now, all these homeless cats have to rely on two amazing, selfless volunteers to advertise them to the pet blogosphere and hope that someone will step forward and say, “This cat seems to be my perfect match! I want him!”

Let’s hear it for…Animal Shelter Volunteer! Live from Norwalk, CT, this amazing blog is run by two volunteers at the Norwalk PAWS shelter. The posts feature the cats from the shelter, complete with pictures and wonderful tidbits about each cat. If you fall in love with one of the cats, you better hope you live within a reasonable driving distance from Norwalk, because the shelter cares about each one of their cats and wants to keep them close by in case something happens.

One of the volunteers, a man who has been at PAWS for more than 13 years, finds his volunteer work to be very rewarding. “The lessons and rewards that come from working with these incredible animals — and their compassionate human friends — are exponentially greater than the time I’ve given,” he says. “Each animal at PAWS has a wonderfully unique tale, and I’m glad this blog gives us a forum to share their stories.”

Making occasional appearances in the blog are Sammy and Moosey, a couple of former PAWS kitties and currently fur-children of both volunteers (who are, in fact, married to each other!) They seem to be as selfless as their parents, as proven by the tremendous support they show for their PAWS friends.

Animal Shelter Volunteer Life gives the homeless cats a voice, and encourages the public to understand that there are so many funny, sweet, and amazing cats who need a place to call home. For example, take a look at Swizzle. She was adopted from PAWS when she was 8 weeks old, then was brought back when she was 6 because her owner moved to a place that didn’t allow pets. She has been at the shelter for more than a year, and she’s patiently waiting for a human to come along and love her for the rest of her life. Just look at those big green eyes! Who could resist her?!

The very best part of the blog is their FURever Home Friday posts! It’s when they share the great news that some of the cats we’ve come to known and love have been adopted! They just posted the latest round of FURever home kitties today. Congratulations, Cecil, Celeste, and the rest! We’re truly happy for them!

Animal Shelter Volunteer Life can be found on Facebook. Spread the word, and hopefully more shelters will follow in their footsteps!


  1. We follow their blog, it’s wonderful, the photos amazing. And of course we’re always purring that the cats waiting for their homes find loving, adoring humans of their own.

  2. Those two, Kevin and Tracey are the best. They do all that volunteering that the shelter and help to get the animals ready for their hopeful forever homes. They are just terrific. Great blog.

  3. Kevin & Tracey are so supportive of other bloggers and their pets, as well as the PAWS cats. Our favorite posts are the forever home ones. It’s great the animals don’t have a deadline and can wait for the special person(s) to adopt them. And we’re fond of Moosey and Sammy too. :)

  4. I love that blog, though I don’t visit nearly often enough. I cheer for the kitties who find their forever homes. Kevin and Tracey are amazing people.

    • Thank you, Karen Jo! For whatever reason, I never saw this comment back in April. If you happen to be reading this, know that we love and appreciate you (of, and we love YOUR blog, too). :)

  5. We 2nd the Motions put forth by the others!

    Kevin always submits interesting posts to Carnival of the Cats, and when visiting our blog has interesting, and supportive things to say.

  6. Thank you SO much for featuring our blog! We were utterly shocked (in a good way, of course!) when we learned about it, first from our pals at Jan’s Funny Farm, and then on the Cat Blogosphere.

    We are truly honored. Thank you again!

  7. We follow this awesome blog and are proud to be friends with Kevin and Tracey ~ the do such wonderful work to help kitties.

  8. We love Kevin, Tracey and their blog. They provide a vital service, and are very good at it. We cheer every kitty who finds a loving home. Its our secret wish that one day, instead of working so hard, Kevin and Tracey will be sitting at home in front of a nice fire, enjoying Moosey and Sammy in their laps because all homeless animals have a home to call their own. Until that unlikely day, they will be doing more than their part to help the less fortunate and needy. They, and all other volunteers, are our heroes.

    • You guys are so sweet. Thank you SO much for your support and love!

      We totally love your secret wish! Wouldn’t it be great if someday there was no need for shelters? And a time when all pet animals had their very own loving home?

  9. We love Kevin and Tracey! Thanks for featuring them!!

  10. We love you, too, Island Cats! You guys rock!!! :)

  11. I’m very fortunate to know Kevin and Tracey, but even more fortunate are the PAWS cats who receive their love and attention! There’s nothing they wouldn’t do for the kitties. Their blog featuring these wonderful cats is just amazing!

    • Thank you, Cindy! We are so very thankful for your friendship, and for all of YOUR work with the dogs at PAWS. If they could talk, we know they would say, “We love you, Cindy!” :)

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