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Brief Overview: Created in 1981 by Del Monte Foods, Kibbles N Bits is the fifth largest dry dog food brand in the United States. It’s also the first brand to release dual-textured dog food with both soft chewy pieces and crunchy pieces.
Has this dog food brand been recalled?: Kibbles N Bits has never been involved in any pet food recalls.
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Kibbles N’ Bits Recipes

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Kibbles ‘n Bits is a dog food brand that is manufactured by Del Monte Foods. It is not the only pet brand the parent company manufactures. Other brands include Nature’s Recipe, Gravy Train or Natural Balance.

Kibbles N Bits has both dry and wet varieties. Dry varieties include: Original, Homestyle, Bistro Meals, ‘N Beefy Bits, Small Breed, and Weight Maintenance.

Wet varieties include: Tender Cuts, Hearty Cuts, Burger Dinner, and Meatballs & Pasta Dinner.

Here is a short selection of Kibble n’ Bits dog food formulas:

  1. Kibbles ‘n Bits Small Breed
  2. Kibbles ‘n Bits ‘n Beefy Bits
  3. Kibbles ‘n Bits Weight Maintenance
  4. Kibbles ‘n Bits Bistro Meals Grilled Chicken
  5. Kibbles ‘n Bits Homestyle Roasted Chicken
  6. Kibbles ‘n Bits Homestyle Grilled Beef Steak
  7. Kibbles ‘n Bits Bistro Meals Oven Roasted Beef
  8. Kibbles ‘n Bits Original Savory Beef and Chicken Flavor
  9. Kibbles ‘n Bits Tender Cuts with Real Beef

Sample Analysis

Our sample analysis tries to provide you with information about the quality of Kibble N’ Bits dog food. In this particular analysis, we are taking a closer look at the Kibble N’ Bits Original Savory Beef & Chicken Flavor dog food.

Please note that the quality of other recipes may vary. It is recommended that you go through the list of ingredients to make sure they meet your quality standards.

Top 15 ingredients

  1. Corn
  2. Soybean Meal
  3. Beef & Bone Meal
  4. Ground Wheat
  5. Animal Fat (BHA, used as preservative)
  6. Corn Syrup
  7. Water sufficient for processing
  8. Wheat Middlings
  9. Animal Digest
  10. Propylene Glycol
  11. Salt
  12. Hydrochlorid Acid
  13. Potassium Chloride
  14. Caramel Color
  15. Sorbic Acid

Controversial Ingredients

  1. Corn has only modest nutritional value to dogs.
  2. Soybean Meal is rich in protein but has a lower biological value than meat-based protein sources.
  3. Beef and Bone Meal has a lower biological value than most other meat meals.
  4. Ground Wheat Flour has modest nutritional value to dogs.
  5. Animal Fat fails to mention the type of animal, which means it can come from nearly anywhere including roadkill, spoiled meat, or dead or deceased animals. In this case, BHA, a suspected cancer agent is used as preservative.
  6. Corn Syrup consists mainly of sugar that may rise the dog’s blood sugar level.
  7. Wheat Middlings is an inexpensive by-product of wheat milling that is usually found in lower-quality dog food.
  8. Animal Digest is a mixture of animal by-products that is used to improve the food’s taste.
  9. Propylene Glycol has been banned by the FDA for use in cat food.
  10. Caramel is used to add a golden brown tint to pet food. While considered safe by the FDA, it has no value other than to make the food look more appealing to human buyers.
  11. Titanium Dioxide is used in a wide range of applications including sunscreen, paint and food coloring.

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Crude Protein (min): 19%
  • Crude Fat (min): 8%
  • Crude Fat (max): 12%
  • Crude Fiber (max): 4%
  • Moisture (max): 18%
  • Calcium (min): 1%
  • Phosphorus (min): 0.76%
  • Zinc (min): 125 mg/kg
  • Vitamin A (min): 5100 IU/kg
  • Vitamin D (min): 500 IU/kg

When you look at the list of ingredients you will immediately notice that meat is not in the first nor in the second spot of it. The main meat source is beef and bone meal which has lower biological value than most other meats.

Not a very good start. The number of controversial ingredients is fairly large, and includes several items that we do not like to see in pet food at all. This includes the suspected cancer agent BHA as well as Propylene Glycol which has been banned in the cat food making process.

If you take all of this together, you will come to the conclusion that it has all the attributes of low quality dog food.

Not recommended.

Kibbles N’ Bits Dog Food Reviews

Judging by its ingredients alone, Kibbles ‘n Bits appears to be a below-average dry dog food. – Mike Sagman @ Dog Food Advisor

Del Monte Foods market Kibbles N Bits as dog food that “[brings] joy in every bite”, but what they don’t say is that Kibbles N Bits don’t bring joy to a dog’s health and wellbeing. Kibbles N Bits has no nutritional value whatsoever because it’s just full of corn, soybean meal, corn syrup, and other fillers. Not only that, but it contains chemical preservatives, artificial flavors, and “meat and bone meal”. Del Monte Foods won’t even disclose which kind of meat and bone meal they put in Kibbles N Bits. That’s a red flag. Because we don’t even know what kind of meat is in Kibbles N Bits, and also because it contains unhealthy and harmful ingredients, most dog owners consider Kibbles N Bits to be one of the worst dog food brands on the market. We’ll just say this: Kibbles N Bits is the McDonalds of dog food.

Kibbles N’ Bits User reviews

Have you ever had your dog on Kibbles N Bits? If so, how did it work out? Please let us know by rating and reviewing the brand below!

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Kibbles N’ Bits Resources

Please consult the following resources for additional information about Kibbles N’ Bits.

Kibbles N’ Bits Manufacturer Website:http://www.kibblesnbits.com/

Kibbles N’ Bits WiKi: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kibbles_%27n_Bits

Kibbles N’ Bits Recalls: Recalls

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    I seen that dogs are dying from Del Monte foods with toxins. Kibbles and Bits is distributed by Del Monte. Has this been recalled and is it safe for my dog. This is the ONLY food my dog will eat. Please contact me as soon as possible so I know if this is still safe for my dog to eat.

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