Dog Food Reviews, Ratings and Analysis 2013

portrait of Yorkshire Terrier in frontDogs give us their all. They love us unconditionally, and they deserve nothing but the best. We should give them all the love and care in the world. But how do we know what is good for them? Our dog food reviews look at hard evidence, at the ingredients reported on the label, and the guaranteed analysis of the products we review.

Considering how dogs treat us like gold, it’s a shame that we may feed them substandard food. We may stuff their mouths with artificial ingredients and animal byproducts not fit for human consumption. If we love our dogs so much, why do we make them eat food that’s detrimental to their health?

Lack of awareness. Dog food companies try their best to hide the substandard ingredients they use in their products. As a result, we’re not as aware as we should be when it comes to what our dogs are eating. That needs to change.

That’s why we created PetMOZ. We want to increase your awareness about all the different kinds of dog food brands out there and help you make the best educated choices for your furry children.

Our Dog Food Reviews Philosophy

We look at each brand, provide an in-depth dog food analysis based on a product’s ingredients, and provide you with a general recommendation. We also allow our users to post their own reviews, because we want you to be able to evaluate different opinions and make well-rounded decisions.

Not only that, but we also provide up-to-date dog food coupons and recall information. We care about dogs and we want to see them be as healthy as possible, and that means helping their owners save money and educate themselves on what they’re feeding their dogs.

PetMOZ strives to be one of the best sources of information on the web for dog owners. It’s because we care, and because we want the best for our dogs.

Dog Food Analysis

It is difficult to analyze dog food properly if you do not have access to a large lab that can analyze the ingredients in detail. The main issue that reviewers run into is that most producers are not open when it comes to the source ingredients used in the foods they produce. It is often not possible to find out which raw materials have been used, and that is especially the case if vague terms such as “animal fat” or “meat meal” are used.

The issues do not stop there though. Manufacturers tend to change their formulas fairly often, for instance when a raw material drops or increases in price. It is for instance possible that different animal fat or meat sources are used, since they are not named anyway on the product label.

The only objective way to review dog food is to look at the ingredients list and guaranteed analysis that manufacturers need to provide. From that we can conclude whether it is a high quality, medium quality, or low quality product.

We have create a controversial ingredients listing at the top which you can consult to check the ingredients on the products that you by against it.

Dog Food Ingredients Analysis

Generally speaking, there a couple of ingredient groups that are used over and over again in dog food products that we associated with low quality products. This includes:

  • Unnamed meat sources.
  • Chemical or synthetic preservatives.
  • Protein boosting ingredients that are plant based.
  • The use of by-products.
  • The use of controversial ingredients.

We reflect that in our dog food reviews, and will let you know about any issues that we have with a particular product.

Dog Food Ratings

We don’t rate the food we review. What we do however is let you know if we can recommend it, or can’t recommend it.

We have added a user-based rating system to the website. You can rate and review dog food that you have tried or are feeding your dog currently here on the site.

Those ratings, along with our review of the food should provide you with all the information that you need to make an educated decision about a particular product.

You may also want to consult our list of dog foods that we can wholeheartedly recommend. You find the link to that list at the top of this page.

Are products that we cannot recommend bad products? Not necessarily. While we may find a fair share of issues in them, like unnamed meat sources or chemical preservatives, it does not necessarily mean that it won’t benefit your dog.

We are on the other hand confident that high quality products that are rich in meat and list only a few controversial items are better for your dog in the long run.

Our Dog Food Reviews

You find all companies that we have reviewed in the right sidebar. Just click on a link to be taken there directly.

Our dog food reviews inform you about the company that is producing the food, recalls that happened in the past and the product line. The actual analysis of the food looks at one or two sample products, their ingredients and guaranteed analysis.

Each review links to the company website, a website that provides you with the latest recall information, and a manufacturer’s main social media site.

We try to provide you with all the information that you need to rate a product based on what you read here. We do encourage you to go and visit other dog food review websites, the manufacturer’s website, and other sources as they may provide you with additional information or a different perspective.