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POSTED ON: August 30, 2015

“Nutritious” and “cheap” rarely go together in the same sentence, but the popular pet store giant PetSmart made this possible with their own brand of dog food called Authority! In 1995, PetSmart launched Authority because they wanted to provide reasonably priced nutritious dog food to their customers. Today, seventeen years later, the brand is still going strong!

Dogs appreciate its oven-baked deliciousness and their owners are grateful for its affordability. It looks like everyone’s happy with Authority, but we can make you even happier with our free printable Authority dog food coupons and promo codes!

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$5 Off $45 Dog Food84.5
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Right here on this page, you can save even more money on the already affordable dog food! You can also join our mailing list for the latest deals on PetSmart’s 2013 Authority dog food coupons. With our free printable coupons, you can save a bunch of money and give your dog the nutrition he needs!

Newspaper and printable coupons

While you do find great bargains and discounts online, you may also find them locally and it would be a waste if you would not benefit from them as well.

The first option that you have is to find printable coupons online and take them with you to store. Printable coupons are not that common on the other hand and you may have a hard time finding them depending on the brand you want to buy.

The local newspaper may be a better source of coupons after all, and there especially the Sunday circular section.

While there is no guarantee that you find coupons for dog food in them, it pays to browse through them to make sure you are not missing out on any.

Once you have your coupons, you need to find stores where you can buy the product. You can use the store finder on the PetSmart website to find stores in your area.

Before you head out, make sure you read our review of Authority dog food.

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  1. Theresa Serrano says:

    I have been using Authority grain free on my pets for about a month now. I LOVE THIS PET FOOD. I have seen a dramatic improvement on there allergies. redness on the snout and the skin condition has greatly improved. They are much happier now and that makes me happy too. I will definately keep continuing to use this product.

  2. Chase Duffer says:

    My wife and I have four Senior dogs, two Shepherd Mixes and 2 Shih Tzu’s. Allergies were beating our dogs up. We switched to a grain free food that was a well known brand at PetSmart and a little cheaper than Authority and three of the four began losing their hair and had fully visible skin issues. We switched to Authority and saw dramatic changes in their well-being. The dogs were less miserable and their hair had began regrowing. Along with Apple Cider Vinegar, the dogs are in the best health they have been in over the past year. They are acting young and full of energy. Authority has proven a much safer option for the overall health of our family. We will continue to stay with Authority from now on. On side note, the Authority treats make great training aides!

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