How To Choose the Best Puppy For Your Family

Cute pretty GR puppy lying in garden

Choosing a puppy is not a task to take lightly as owning a puppy – which as you know – will turn into a dog, is a lifetime commitment. Consider that many dogs can live as long as 15 years and you can see how important it is to choose wisely when getting a puppy. Before you even make a decision on getting a puppy, you also need to check your budget and make certain you have enough money to {Read More}

Pets Add To Quality Of Life For The Aging

sleeping cat

Anyone who owns a pet can tell you that they bring not only joy and offer stress relieving qualities but they are also a lot of work. When you think about your elderly relatives, the idea of them owning a pet may not seem like a good idea but it’s been shown that taking care of a pet can actually increase quality of life for pet owners. While your aging relatives may not be suited for the work that comes {Read More}

The Beauty of Kittens and Cats

kitten innocence

It’s no secret that cats make excellent furry companions. True, cats don’t usually greet you at the door or throw themselves at you like your dog will but when they’re in the mood, cats will snuggle up and allow you to pet them! They make great pets for apartment dwellers and for individuals who don’t have the time to walk a dog after a long and busy day at work. If you’re looking for a pet that will love you {Read More}

Please Think Twice Before Putting That Puppy Or Kitten Under the Tree

Lhasa apso puppy at Christmas

I keep seeing so many posts on my Facebook page about adopting a puppy or a kitten for Christmas. While I love, love, love the idea of adopting a puppy or kitten from a shelter and if I could, I would adopt every single poodle I come across, I worry about people giving puppies or kittens as gifts. As with the people who watched 101 Dalmatians or Frasier and gave Dalmatian or Jack Russell terrier puppies as gifts or simply {Read More}

Five Tips For Winter Pet Care

Samoyed and russian sheep dog

Winter weather can wreak havoc on your pet friend just as it can on humans. Special care needs to be taken to make sure our pets are properly cared for year ‘round, but there are some precautions that need to be taken in the winter for our feline and canine friends. Here are five tips to keep your pets safe, healthy and happy in the winter months: Coat care: In the winter you will not want to get your dog’s {Read More}

Must Have Holiday Gifts For Your Pets

Cute white puppy with present and snowflakes.

‘Tis the season… to think about buying gifts for your beloved pets. I know that Henrietta and Calico Zoe will get their fair share of treats under the tree. When I went to BlogPaws 2011 I picked up a few new Martha Stewart crinkle pet toys from PetSmart and they are the girls’ favorite so I will definitely be stocking up on those. For those pet parents looking for ideas on what to put under the tree this year, we {Read More}

Pet Insurance: Must Have or Hype?

Pet Insurance

Our pets are as much a part of the family as our children are. In some cases, pet parents turn all of their attention to their pets once the children have grown up and left the nest. Just as you worried about your children getting sick or injured when they were young you worry about your pet falling ill or getting injured. The price of veterinary care is not inexpensive and when your pet is in need of care, you don’t want cost to {Read More}

Ten Interesting Cat Factoids

Eddy, Mimi & Mia

Cats are fascinating – and sometimes frustrating – creatures. Even though your kitten or cat may do things that make you wonder what in the heck it was thinking, the love and snuggles that a cat give makes up for their behavioral quirks. Just when I reach the end of my rope with Calico Zoe as she zooms around the house, destroys the window blinds and eats all of my plants, she is warm, snuggly and greets me at the {Read More}

Taking The Brush to Your Dog’s Teeth

Dog Brushing Teeth

Taking The Brush to Your Dog’s Teeth I’ll admit to never having brushed Henrietta’s teeth even though I know I should have. When I went to BlogPaws, I met several providers of dog tooth brushing items and did pick them up. As of yet, though I haven’t taking brush to teeth and I know I need to be more vigilant in this task as I don’t want to think of Henrietta having to go under anesthetic to have plaque removed. {Read More}

Helping Your Pet Deal With Separation Anxiety

Cute dog

When I have to go away and leave Henrietta I am not certain who suffers the most – her or me. I know that she senses that I am on the verge of having to leave her, not merely for a shopping excursion or a day at the movies, but for an extended period. Pulling out the suitcase sends her into a mini tailspin. Truly, she sees it then starts acting very clingy and nervous. If I move, her lips {Read More}