The Overlooked Breed: Why Beagles Make Awesome Pets

dog reading book

Did you know that an average beagle’s sense of smell is 44 times stronger than ours? Humans have about 5 million scent receptors while beagles have at least 220 million scent receptors! In comparison, the average dog’s snout has about 149 million receptors. Because of that, beagles are often used as hunting dogs. Unfortunately, not all beagles are good at detecting wild game, and they’re deemed useless by their owners. What happens to them? Often times, their owners drive them {Read More}

Treat your dog with homemade dog treats!

Dog food in dog bowl

Dog treats aren’t always good for dogs!  They can be packed with preservatives, food coloring, and chemicals even scientists have a hard time pronouncing.  Not only that, but dog treats can be really expensive.  Instead of not buying dog treats (which will make your dog sad!), you can bake your own homemade dog treats.  Not only are you able to feed your dog yummy treats with wholesome ingredients, you can also save a lot of money. I can personally vouch {Read More}

Why You Should Always Adopt a Pet From a Rescue or a No-Kill Shelter

lonely dog in cage

So you’ve decided to adopt a pet. Now what? Find a shelter. There are four different kinds of shelters: Pounds, kill shelters, no-kill shelters, and rescues. Sometimes it’s difficult to decide which type of shelter to adopt a pet. Since pounds and kill shelters are some of the scariest and the most depressing places on earth, it’s only natural for you to want to sweep in and rescue an animal from one of those places. That may not be a {Read More}

My cat vomits all the time! What should I do?

Tabby cat

The other day, I caught my boyfriend staring past me in horror. I turned around and found one of my cats sitting on the floor, his mouth wide open, his stomach pulsating violently, his head jerking back and forth. It looked like something straight from The Exorcist. He made a nasty sound – URKKK, ACKKK, BLEGH – and then he was done. He walked away, leaving behind a nice warm pile of cat vomit. Without batting an eye, I got {Read More}

Is Leaving the Dog in the Car Abusive?

a basset hound in a car

Any driver knows that the inside of a parked car gets hot really fast on a warm day and chills up really fast on a cold day.  No human wants to sit in a hot or freezing car for an extended period of time, so why do we force our dogs to do it? Every year, countless dogs die after being locked in cars while their owners are out and about, working, shopping, visiting, or running errands.  Most of these {Read More}

Guest Post: Charlie’s Story


Hi, everybody! My name is Charlie, and I’m a 9-year-old Border Collie. Everyone keeps telling me that my life story is fascinating, so I thought I’d share it with my furry and human friends in the pet blogosphere! Since, surprisingly enough, I can’t speak English, I asked Chiara to help me tell my story. I didn’t have a tragic puppyhood. I wasn’t raised on the streets, and I never saw the inside of a shelter. Instead, I was born in {Read More}

How to Make a Cat and Dog Get Along: 6 Tips

Hund und Katze

Ever since the beginning of time, cats and dogs have been portrayed as archenemies. While some brave felines and coolheaded canines get along enough to debunk the stereotype, others hiss and bark at each other so much that we’re ultimately reminded of where Jim Davis got the idea to make his two most famous characters, Garfield and Odie, weary of each other. If you think that owning a cat means you can’t get a dog, and vice versa, then you’re {Read More}

How to Report Animal Cruelty

Abused stray dog

The other day, my sister was telling me about how a former roommate of hers would pick up her dog by the scruff of his neck and beat him whenever he did something bad.  Before I could say anything, my sister quickly added that the dog was no longer under the former roommate’s watch (as he had gone to a better home).  That didn’t keep me from feeling shocked, hurt, and beyond angry – the way I always feel whenever {Read More}

Four Simple Things to Teach Your Dog on a Walk

Beagle on green grass

Did you know that most common excuse people conjure up for not getting a dog is that they hardly have any time to take care of a dog?  Not only that, but some people who do have dogs sometimes struggle with finding enough time to feed, walk, play, and train their canines. That being said, spending less than adequate time with your dog is unacceptable.  If your dog normally spends more than half of the day alone or confined to {Read More}

What Your Pet’s Name Says About You

Kitten and puppy. Close up portrait

Kikeli is the Hawaiian word for “tiger”. My cat’s previous owner named her Kikeli because – you guessed it – she kind of looked like a tiger. People either love or hate the name. My mom has made it known that that it was the stupidest name she had ever heard. Not everyone agrees with her. A couple days ago, I took Kikeli to the vet’s office, where the vet technician fawned over how beautiful her name was. Did you {Read More}