Affordable Fencing Ideas for your Pet

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It’s not always necessary to spend thousands of dollars on a fence around your property that may not even keep your dog in your yard- especially enterprising dogs that are able to dig under, chew their way out of, or even jump over traditional expensive fencing options. There are safe, affordable alternatives to keeping fido from running the neighborhood every time you let him out to use the bathroom in your yard. Here are some affordable fencing ideas for your pet that should keep your pet safe and give you peace of mind when he’s outside.

  • Chain link fencing as a brand new product is expensive not only for the fencing itself, but also expensive to install if you don’t do it yourself. Luckily, if you check out websites like Craigslist and Freecycle, there’s a good chance you’ll come across someone giving away fencing for cheap or free, as long as you’re willing to do the work. Chain link fencing is an excellent fencing option for dogs that don’t dug under or jump tall fences- and although it may be ugly or unsightly in some ways, you can grow pretty vines over it while you keep your dog in your yard cheaply. And consider fencing off a part of your yard instead of the whole thing if you can’t get your hands on a lot of chain link fence all at one time.
  • Install a dog run on a line. You can buy premade kits that can attach to the sides of homes or trees, or can even be attached to clothesline poles. Given a long enough lead, this gives a dog a lot of room to move and run. A good system uses a seamless yet strong attachment to a line that moves along as the dog moves, is still taught enough that it doesn’t drag on the ground, and won’t break of the dog lunges. Dog harnesses are a good option for hooking the dog to the run instead of the collar alone, just in case you have a wiggly dog that doesn’t enjoy being attached to a lead. This is a good option for dogs that like to jump over or dig under barriers, but is not a good option for a dog if it’s left alone for long periods of time.
  • 2×4 fencing is a cheap and easy to install option that’s affordable in small amounts brand new, and in some ways looks better than chain link fencing. It won’t do a good job keeping in a dog that habitually destroys fencing to escape out of your yard (or into your yard), but for dogs that are happy to respect boundaries it’s a great fencing option. Ranchers and farmers use this fencing to keep in livestock, so it can hold up well in a pinch if that’s what you need. You can buy wire mesh, or vinyl coated mesh for a softer feel. Some find that this makes a good start to fencing, with a wooden fence built along it down the road for extra privacy.
  • Invisible fencing has its good points and bad points. It can be a little expensive to install at first, and for some dogs its simple ineffective. For some dogs, is psychologically damaging. It won’t keep stray dogs off of your property. But, it is literally invisible, and may work for your dog if a physical fence isn’t an option.

Many pet owners find fencing a difficult yet necessary reality. It doesn’t always have to be an expensive endeavor. Save some money while keeping your pet safe with these suggestions!

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  1. We have both a chain link fence and an invisible fence. We were able to install chain link fairly inexpensively as we did it our selves and the invisible fence is worth its price. If someone leaves a gate open, no problem they will stay put. We have a bungalow with attached garage and because the invisible fence protects the whole property they cannot escape through the garage door when it open. The other great thing about Invisible Fence is that it has a lifetime guarantee on its products and wonderful service, just have to buy batteries a couple times a year. We have had it for over 12 years and in 2 different houses, and it has keep out digging dogs safe and protected. Thank heavens, with all the snow lately, someone snowplowed and took down our chainlink at the end of the property. Kept all my babies safe.

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