Best Chicken Breeds for City Backyards


City by city, more metro areas are implementing a friendlier stance on keeping backyard poultry within city limits, usually with fairly extensive regulations but permitting them nonetheless. This stems from an influx of immigrants from countries where keeping chickens, even in the middle of the city, is standard practice. Relying on their backyard flock for eggs, meat, and garden cleanup is an everyday and basic necessity of home life. Another factor for the change has to do with people, even {Read More}

How to Care for Orphaned Kittens

kitten milk feeding

With spring on our doorstep, cats both domestic and feral will begin to breed, and that means lots of litters of kittens- many of which become abandoned or orphaned. This is especially true for kittens born to feral mothers. Many people come across abandoned litters of kittens in the spring and are usually at a loss as to what to do with them. Leaving a pile of abandoned kittens to fend for themselves means certain death for the kittens, so {Read More}

What to do when Encountering Loose Dogs

loose dog

With the economic downturn and many people having difficulty affording food and shelter for the humans in their families alone, many dogs have become casualties of this problem and are left to fend for their own needs. Dogs in general are not good at taking care of themselves. They may be able to sniff out a rotten meal in a garbage can and find refuge under a rotten porch, but they’re really bad at eating a balanced diet, keeping the {Read More}

How to take Great Photos of Black Pets

Puppy dog

If you have a black dog or cat, you may have noticed that it’s particularly difficult to take clear photos of them. They seem to turn into flat shadows of themselves in photos; with eyes glaring in laser gold’s and greens from the reflective corneas they have. This has created some fairly hilarious internet memes, but usually pet owners with black pets simply just want a good photo of their dog or cat. It does take some special consideration and {Read More}

Giving Easter Pets is a Bad Idea

easter pets

Many grown people might remember getting that special Easter baby bunny along with their chocolates and eggs on the Easter holiday. Some might have gotten a duckling or two. While there was a time when these gifts were readily accepted parts of the Easter holiday and people were willing to care for them, times have changed. Before you consider getting your little ones a tiny and cute live Easter duckling or bunny, please consider these realities.

Wolf Hybrids- Are Wolfdogs the Right Dog for You?


You may have been hearing a lot about “wolf hybrid” dogs, or wolfdogs lately. They’ve been around for a long time, but have recently come into light as a more accepted and highly sought after breed of dog. Wolfdogs are commonly hybridized offspring of wolf and breeds such as huskies, German shepherd dogs, Alaskan malamutes, and even poodles. There are even specific breeds of wolfdog bred in for a purpose- such as the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, which is recognized by the {Read More}

Affordable Fencing Ideas for your Pet

pet fences

It’s not always necessary to spend thousands of dollars on a fence around your property that may not even keep your dog in your yard- especially enterprising dogs that are able to dig under, chew their way out of, or even jump over traditional expensive fencing options. There are safe, affordable alternatives to keeping fido from running the neighborhood every time you let him out to use the bathroom in your yard. Here are some affordable fencing ideas for your {Read More}

Top Ten Cat Breeds of 2014

siamese cat

Let’s face it, most kitties loved in families don’t have documented lineages. Many much loved kitties are born in litters found under porches or in garages, or born in a cow milking barn. Some lucky kitties have mothers taken in before they’re born and get to be brought into this world in the comfort of a warm and loving home until they’re old enough to find homes of their own. With the plethora of easy to get and even easier {Read More}

The Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds for 2014

author Stefan Bauer,

2014 is going to bring some surprises when it comes to what breeds of dogs people are going to be looking for. If we take the years of 2012 and 2013 into account, the trends are pretty clear. The reasons behind these trends are pretty easy to spot once you take a good look at them. Along with the standards, you may be interested in these surprises- especially if you’re considering adding to your family dog pack or starting fresh {Read More}

5 Habits of Pet Owners Who Have Fat Pets

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Before we begin, we have to admit that this topic might be controversial. No one wants to ever admit that they, let alone themselves, are overweight due to their own actions and habits. It’s an embarrassing topic that puts a lot of blame and a lot of shame on  pet owners. But, most pet owners are in denial about their pet’s weight, and rarely consider it a problem until their pet suffers from a weight related condition or dies early {Read More}